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Oversized Canvas Totes

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This Oversized tote is the everything everyday tote with personality and size. You get to choose the bag personality, the size is our pleasure. In the world of bags size always matters. While the bag is fabulous all on it's own, we get it in house and add all of the the extra something that makes these bags special. Go on choose and if you can't take them all!

  • Organic Cotton
  • 18" Extra wide Handle
  • 16" x 17"

Empowered Women features:

  • Little Kamala 
  • Little Michelle 
  • Little Ruth
  • Little Mala
  • Little Jane
  • Little Greta
  • Little Amelia

Stuff it:

  • Play on words... you can stuff it or you can mean to tell on-lookers to stuff it.