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Cleanse and align your 7 Chakras with this bath bomb! Elevate your senses with Urban’s Edge hydrating bath bombs. The pure Therapeutic Essential oil blends relax your mind and elevate your soul.

  • Bentonite clay and superfood antioxidant Camu Camu powder to aid in improving skin conditions along with our moisturizing body oils and butters to nourish your thirsty skin.
  • Energetically-charged with Reiki and includes clear quartz sand within the bomb to amplify the bomb's intent and cleanse the energy of the bather.
  • Natural bombs are free from dyes, chemicals and synthetic fragrances. All of their ingredients are Non-GMO, Sustainably Harvested, Wild Harvested, and/or Organic.
  • Each bath bomb is sealed in an eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, clear polyolefin shrink wrapped film and includes an ingredient label on the back.
  • Almost a 1/2 lb. each

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