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Gel Polish Nail Strip Kit

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So you aren't going to the nail salon as we keep our distance in this post Covid reality? Maybe you're just looking for making your money go a little further. Either way let ARB help you out and keep you looking like top dollar. Use our Nail strips to keep those hands looking like you've been to the Best Salon in the city.

Real Gel Polish Strips! Our real gel nail polish strip kit comes in a 14 piece nail set. Apply the real gel polish strips, then file the excess. Each application lasts about 10-14 days. That is 2 full sets on short to medium length nails, 1 full set on long nails and if your the woman who just uses a strip as an accent on one or two nails this set could last you 5 or 6 manicures or polish changes.

All of our Candied Nail polish strips are safe and non-toxic and come as a kit to include a double sided glass file, a cuticle pusher and alcohol wipes. All you have to provide are the hands, feet and nails.

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