New year, New you! ugh, I don't think so... Exactly who am I supposed to turn in to? There are no resolutions at my house, there are no new gym memberships, no offense y’all.

In our lifestyle reflection, inventory and change are highly valued. Therefore, at this time of year I love a refresh and a re-energizing of my space. I mean I crave it! This is NOT a makeover! 2022 is no different! That’s not exactly true, so that I can share it with you all I will sort of plan it out instead of going bat **** crazy to satisfy my craving. I’m starting with my unruly bookcases and shelving throughout the house. This isn’t my strongest skill set but I have some IG accounts and blogs that I follow that will support me in getting the job done. I use both for tips and inspiration. After I share them here, do me a favor and like, share, or follow those that you have an interest in. Also (side note), Let me know what I can do to strike up a commentary or conversation with you. Your feedback is critical to the boutique, blog and social media, In that order. Just below this post, you’ll see a comment section… let me know how you're doing with your latest refresh.

My shelves! The most ridiculous things get set on the shelves. It's usually things that don’t belong there or things that were meant to be seasonal or temporary and my lack of editing just let it be because I… well there’s no excuse. Now I can't stand to look at it. The items that end up on my bookcases and shelves that truly have NO business there is the stuff that belongs to the legals, past and present stuff. No rhyme or reason, just stuff. (Legals- our kids all 18 and older, not adulting independently)

 To handle this the right way I used bookcase styling tips from @suzannezinggstyle, on IG. Just in case you are looking for amazing DIYs and just knowledgeable content on home décor, accents, and layering (crucial for texture). This is a remarkable account to follow.

The shelving always takes a while due to editing. I have to ask myself what I love. What is practical? What is just for looks? What do I want to be surrounded by in the space? What creates flow and interest? The items and books kept on a shelf are just as important as any room element and once cluttered it detracts from the ambiance or flow.

In the sunroom off of the kitchen I have a book case/hutch of sorts that I refurbished, It's actually a dresser and changing table. When I found it it totally fit the needs and the spacing so funky baby bottoms be damned! LOL! So in this refresh I really wanted to showcase some things that are seasonal, some are favorite, regularly used dishes, and you know house things for daily use like my pots and dog food, but also highlight some spiritual things that take place back there like that afternoon cup of tea. Even a little family heritage- my partner's, the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos salt and pepper shakers are meaningful to him and a part of a collection one of the legals and I share. He eats breakfast in the space daily.

These shelves took a couple of tries but I think I nailed it, thanks to two major tips from @suzannezinggstyle to draw the eye back by using flat pieces like my platters seen in these pics and to stack and make height variances. I had just about everything I needed to make this work somewhere in my home so I moved things into the space or out of it. To make the height variances I stacked additional dishes as well as made a quick thrift store purchase of small coffee cups, saucers, and dessert plates. This in itself was a total win as it only cost me $12 for the entire, vintage, original American made set of 20 pieces. The tips made a huge difference. Check out the inspiration pic and then mine, I think I nailed it and you can too! The space feels better. It's some place that invites you in again. No clutter. Everything has a place and a purpose. I love the basket of cookie cutters and the stacked dishes and extra silver water make a couple of special touches on the shelves. The energy has a flow again!    

What are you refreshing or re-energizing in 2022? What’s on your shelves? What styling or organizing challenges do you have or I can help you solve until I get back to all things boutique? Let me know in the comments. Wanna just show off what you've accomplished? Snap a pic, tag us @theaubreyrichardsboutique and #shelfie.

I’m getting off of this computer I have more organizing, editing, and styling for the rest of the bookcases and shelves in my life. Enjoy and be inspired by this lifestyle moment.


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I enjoyed reading this while eating boiled 🍤🦐 🍤.
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