I do quite a bit of reading and researching for literally anything that I am interested in. When I knew that I'd be seriously opening a boutique I really researched the wardrobe staples because I was naïve enough to think I will carry ALL of the wardrobe staples. Like ALL. Forget the snooze fest, how much inventory space did I believe I had? The endless options for staples and fits to make that come true… never mind, I’ve grown since then. Staples have obviously changed over time but not by much. I'm sure this is due to norms and the lack of occasion dressing anymore. (Said with a strong side eye...)

I am just as guilty as anyone of not having all of these staples in my wardrobe at the same time. I can attest to the fact that it does make getting dressed a chore. I am here to help you take the chore out of getting dressed. In fact, if you put all of these staples into your wardrobe, the only things you will have to purchase for quite some time is accent pieces or even a well put together capsule! Please keep in mind, I do not dress trends! I must always preface whatever style, fashion advice, and information that I am giving with that because my points may not be as valid if you are a trendy dresser. I will take you through my well-informed list in a series of blog posts. This will help you read, absorb, and even work on looking through your own wardrobe and getting the pieces you may need to round out that part of your wardrobe.

Now for us happily maturing women that want to look pulled together in 1, 2, 3, here we go.


If you can, allow yourself to imagine just how having these staple pieces will take a great deal of the guesswork out of getting dressed.

A fabulous white tee can freshen up any look. For most body types a true white, v neck with a side pocket goes a long way. Jeans, skirts, dress pants, leather jackets, jean jackets and the list goes on, it just works. A white tee and black tee are what I call all-occasion pieces as they can be dressed up and down. I may just own 5 of each but, who’s counting?  LOL!!!You can source these anywhere but be sure to check out the fabulous options here in ARBoutique, They were picked with you in mind! And just for my readers, enjoy Free Shipping on these tees! No code needed!

I truly hope that this quick list helps you make some sense of your wardrobe and to better see what can stay and what may be past its expiration date. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs as we take a look at other areas of the wardrobe. Please be aware that these are wardrobe staples. You may and should have other clothing that fit your lifestyle as a whole but these, if the world of retail ended tomorrow and the sun cease to shine forever, these should be in your closet… sorry for the dramatics, but for real, YOU NEED THESE!

Until next time, #getdressed and #progressoverperfection. You can reach me, Dara at service@aubreyrichardsboutique.com with any major questions or to get some help with getting that wardrobe together... Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think?

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Great list! I am so into this concept. Keep these posts coming – love it! 😎


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