The Music

The Music

Music is the backdrop for most people’s lives. Whether it is a theme song, a song attached to a memory or simply a little ditty you hear in passing and now you can’t get it out of your head. It gets stuck!

Music was my second love, reading and books my first. They both rank extremely high for me still till today. When I get done teaching, moming, wifing and boutiquing, I am looking for a song or a book to help bring me down or escape. Some of my best moments are riding alone in my car with just the music and my thoughts.

I have found major correlations to what it is that musicians, singers, and performers do and what I do and have done. It all seats itself right in the reinvention of self. The real strength to life is just that reinvention. We see it in this very disconnected way most times and we say “yeah that’s a Hollywood thing” or a celebrity thing but the truth is it’s a survival thing, it’s a living thing, and it’s a necessary thing.

Watching Bruno Mars on the Grammy’s this past Sunday, I was elated but again reminded of growth and reinvention. This Dude, This guy, This man, can you tell I’m a fan? Bruno is one of the rarer performers for me that does it all. Whomever is in his ear and his corner, hell, on his payroll that helps him reinvent his music and his style is SMART. The best part of it for me is that it all rings genuine and it all feels like him. Anderson Pak is the best Co-star for this sound! These aren’t such far off reinventions but more like re- interpretations. You can still see, hear and feel Bruno Mars. Now he is flirting with that seventies- early eighties vibe and I am here for it. “LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN” why yes, yes I will leave the door open… LOL! Mostly so my husband knows that there’s nothing but fan girling going on here. 

Bruno has put another round of heighten the game, rest and come back strong for the next leg of this marathon energy into the universe and again, I am here for it. I hope to one day go to his concert or attend an intimate club performance but for now I am eating up that energy, waiting for the release of the entire album and taking it all in as I work on my interpretation of my complex self. I won’t walk in the fear of what I don’t know but instead the excitement of finding out. Join me and Bruno in our next phases, bring your phase along. We can inspire each other.

“It's all love from my lifestyle to yours!”

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