One of the original 5 elements of ARB was "Reloved" items. This encompassed my real life love of thrifting and allowed me to bring it into the boutique. Customers, friends and family purchased re-loved pieces with no hesitation. My lack of vision, wanting to make the sales and no time to thrift left me putting that element on the back burner. I have since come to realize how sorely I miss that part of the mission here at The Aubrey Richards Boutique.  

In the small business space we often let go, stop dreaming or simply hand over the things we love most in order to keep up or make the sale. As I am maturing in the space I am realizing that it can only be authentic and an extension of my lifestyle if I do the things that are most true to me.

I am happy to bring back some of my fabulous thrifted finds. The pieces that are classic, fun, utilitarian and even so basic there's no reason we should ever pay full price for them again.

At ARB each item is inspected, laundered in fragrance free, allergen, and dye free detergent, then steamed before being sold to our customers. We have experienced and loved when a shopping cart is filled with a mix of new and re-loved items. That's pure joy and excitement for us and want to have those moments in our space, again and again.

Re-loving items whether they are clothes, home accents or furniture also help the cycle of excess in our culture. Many of us have too much. I'm constantly working at not necessarily buying new if I don't have to but also passing on what it is that I no longer need. It's no secret that fast fashion is causing major issues in the world as the lifespan of use is so short and then where does it go? Landfills are so over run with clothing as a major portion isn't fit for resale nor does it degrade on it's own.

I hope that living my truth and making re-loved items available again at ARB will encourage you to join us in the practice of recycling as well as buying what you love.

Stay tuned at the boutique to see what's arriving.


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