I'm here taking a few minutes to listen to some music, the musical genius that is Panic At The Disco. (Sorry if Brendan Urie is cancelled for you.) My household is a varied salad bowl of music tastes, an analogy I stole from the hubbs as he talks about his experience of America not being a melting pot but a salad. "It's  a mixed salad, everybody is here in the bowl but separate, the lettuce doesn't taste like the croutons... and together they all just taste better" he says. I agree and digress!

I'm wanting to talk about magnets. I've always liked magnets. I think it started in childhood. The fruit magnets everyone had on their refrigerators were always fun and quirky. When having my own family I made them magnetized paper dolls/ people so that they could use them on the refrigerator. I've even purchased cute personal magnets for each of the kids to display their art work with. Now that I'm happily maturing and they're older I realized that I really do not like the clutter on my fridge. I appreciate a cleaner but personalized aesthetic, what better way to create that then with my love of magnets. We are carrying magnets at Aubrey Richards. We've started simply with the things that matter in our lives.

The magnets in the boutique are a reinvention or second iteration of our very successful ornaments that were sold during this past holiday season. This very format is one that makes me proud to be a maker. When my materials go further, my heart skips a beat. It's important to our bottom line and values that we don't waste. I understand that some waste is inevitable but we take our supplies as far as we can. The designs are a fun mash up of simplicity, rustic, and bohemian style. How? The black paint is used as a perfectly simple background to the word design or the unpretentious uterus representation. The wood round with the bark still attached keep the pieces feeling approachable and fun, you know, not too delicate, this keeps the sentiment in the forefront. All of that combined keeps these magnets feeling special for the giver and giftee. The gingham bow adds a little pop and homeliness but keeps the magnet suitable for anyone. The price range of $10-$12 (depending on size) makes this magnet an affordable handmade purchase for all. We currently make a mom and dad magnet for dogs and cats, also a uterus magnet for all of the women in the world. I mean those are the things that matter right! :) We do have plans to make others in the future.

As a maker my biggest joy is that anyone purchasing a made piece from ARB is thrilled with it and it somehow enhances any space that it's in. Magnets enhance spaces with the personality that they bring.

While these magnets aren't on the website, we are happy to have you contact us through IG or email to make a purchase. If that can't be arranged, catch us locally (Richmond, VA) at our 1st market and Pop up of the new year. We'll be at Star Hill brewery with the Kismet Market on Feb 11, 2023 and Popping up at Cafe Beignet on Feb12, 2023. More details can be found on our Instagram Page. Follow us for any upcoming dates or changes.

This is a lifestyle moment from our lifestyle boutique.


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