It's A Game... I'm a Player

It's A Game... I'm a Player

On a recent trip to Myrtle Beach with my partner I got the chance to connect in a way we haven’t in a while. We aren’t strangers to couples counseling, we aren’t strangers to unplugged retreats or even downtime, but we are noticing that we are really strangers to this part of our journey together. Our crew: now all 18 and older are considered young adults, I call them Legals, because that is literally all they are. If anything happens to them, the world will sit them on our doorstep and make us fully responsible for them with no questions asked, I digress.

My partner and I have decided to call this time our getting to know you NOW time. 25 plus years in this game! No seriously, we aren’t playing! We are focused on experiences together and apart that would aide us in getting to know each other as we are now. I do some of my best growing in our partnership. Have you ever heard the saying “Iron sharpens Iron”? This is the sentiment for relationships. In relationships we rub our roughest most undeveloped parts against each other and in turn we both get sharper, smoother, better, at least in a perfect world it would work that way. We as people are created for community. Our relationship is community and sanctuary, but it takes work, sometimes new tools, and reacquainting.

Well, I found a new tool, in fact a new game to play with him! Get your mind out of the gutter! I didn’t find it as much as one of our legals told me about it some time ago, I wasn’t paying close attention, but this trip was the opportune time to check it out. I’m so glad that we did! 

We’re Not Really Strangers is the best gift for all relationships. It’s a game of questions and answers about each other as individuals and in your connection. There is even a card when drawn that will allow you to ask the other person(s) to go deeper. This game is made for 2-4 players. Can you imagine having already prepared questions for your kids, your legals or your love interests? Seriously it’s appropriate for playing with friends too. Ha, this game even has a card that’ll let you make up a question that maybe you’ve been dying to ask and couldn’t find the right timing! It takes the anxiety out of getting to know someone better. Read the reviews!

The game that I purchased for our trip we decided to keep for just us. Where our game left off is where we decided we will pick up the next time. The cards that we have answered won’t be used again at this phase in our lives, but we’ll continue the game with the other cards. The way the game ends is the sweetest. Your final act in this game is to write a note to the other player(s) not to be opened until they’ve left the presence of everyone else.

Now for the big gotcha gotcha, we played the game, and it was fulfilling and eye opening. I did learn about my partner/player, but I learned a ton more about myself. Surprised? I wasn’t, this again is where Iron sharpened Iron! Our ability to be transparent and vulnerable in the game taught us about us individually and separately. If you are looking for an anytime gift idea, this is it! I am not being paid for this btw. I just really appreciate the game.

If you’ve played it or get a chance to play it, I want to hear from you. I would consider this a relationship tool. Let me know what you think of it! If this is the game, I am the player. Invite me over!

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