A Family That Plays Together

A Family That Plays Together

Our family has always enjoyed card games, movies, stories, and storytelling. Someone in the universe knew how to get in my pocket once again by just combining two of the three things that I enjoy most.

What, you love card games and story telling too? It's that fabulous nerd gene in us.

Our oldest even participated in story telling competitions when he was younger. I felt it instilled confidence and was a sure way to get him invested in writing. Guess what? It worked, although, he never really nailed the brevity needed to really hone his story telling skill. (You didn’t hear that from me.) Of course, it’d be him that introduced our family to Red Flags the game.

The game is too much fun. It’s a game of storytelling, cards, hooking up your friends on dates and sabotage. Now that’s a fun game, best with 3 or more players and the more players the better. I wouldn’t recommend this for the youngest of pickles. The prompts are adult themed. The object of the game is to have player (A) presented with date options by players (B) and (C), after they are initially introduced, players (B) and (C) work to sabotage each other’s date options by using a red flag card to basically dirty up the others date. The round is won by having player (A) choose to go on your date. Therefore, you better be able to tell/spin a hell of a story about the other player’s date option! I hope that you get that I’m giving a brief overview. Read the directions and read the reviews! Never mind, I’ve got you! Just watch this quick video.

I really laugh too hard with this game. My family has some really quick wits and can hold their own, so the gut busting is from beginning to end. Get the game, gather your family and friends in small groups. Add some great snacks, your drinks of choice, and PLAY.

Seriously, I want to know what you think of this game. Leave me a comment below.

This is a lifestyle moment!








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